Instructions & Tutorial Videos

The Moon Cannon trigger grip igniter is guaranteed to spark for 100,000 clicks.
No cannon is more powerful or reliable, it just takes practice to get it right! 

Cannon: Recommended Fuel:
American Classic Starter Fluid (1-2 INSTANT spray bursts)
MK1 / Micro Moon Cannon Hair Spray (5-10 seconds of continuous spray)

Tutorial Video

Trouble-Shooting Misfires

Diagnose Misfires

Do not stick HEAD or BODY near chamber or barrel!
Keep pointed in a SAFE direction!
Problem: Causes:
Makes sound of gas shooting out only
  • Potato not loaded with complete seal in barrel
Potato shoots short distance
  • Potato not loaded with complete seal in barrel
  • Wrong amount of fuel
Cannon does not shoot
  • Too much fuel
  • Not enough fuel
  • Wrong fuel
  • Windy conditions (fuel does not stay in chamber)
  • Wet chamber (fuel pools up as liquid and does not ignite)