Instructions & Tutorial Videos

The Moon Cannon igniter is guaranteed to spark for 100,000 clicks.
No cannon is more powerful or reliable, it just takes practice to get it right! 

Cannon: Recommended Fuel:
MK1 Moon Cannon Hair Spray (5-10 seconds of continuous spray) Sometimes just 1 quick spray does the trick depending on weather and humidity 

Tutorial Video

Trouble-Shooting Misfires

Diagnose Misfires

Do not stick HEAD or BODY near chamber or barrel!
Keep pointed in a SAFE direction!
Problem: Causes:
Makes sound of gas shooting out only
  • Potato not loaded with complete seal in barrel
Potato shoots short distance
  • Potato not loaded with complete seal in barrel
  • Wrong amount of fuel
Cannon does not shoot
  • Too much fuel
  • Not enough fuel
  • Wrong fuel
  • Windy conditions (fuel does not stay in chamber)
  • Wet chamber (fuel pools up as liquid and does not ignite)